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23 Benefits Of Wheatgrass You Never Knew

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Wheatgrass contains a very large number of health benefits and has over 19 types of amino acids. This fantastic herb will work wonders on your health.
Wheatgrass is most commonly consumed in juice form; This form has a large amount of chlorophyll in it.


Below you will find a list of some of the best benefits you can get from wheatgrass:
1. Balances pH
The wheatgrass supplements the alkaline in the body making it able to balance better your pH levels. This can also relieve your blood from being too acidity.
2. Weight Loss
Providing your body with plenty of energies you will be able to work out for longer periods of time. This herb boosts the body’s ability to lose weight preventing obesity. Wheatgrass also stimulates your thyroid glands making it easier to lose weight gained due to thyroid problems.
3. Anemia Treatment
Since wheatgrass contains a high amount of iron, it is great in helping the blood formation that will help treat anemia. The chlorophyll found in wheatgrass has been found to have the same molecular structure as that of the blood’s hemoglobin. This will help treat anemia efficiently.
4. Hemorrhoid Cure
It has been suggested that in order to cure hemorrhoid problems you should drink wheatgrass juice three times a day for three months. Wheatgrass contains valuable nutrients for fighting off hemorrhoids.
5. Diabetes
Being able to inhibit carbohydrate assimilation this herb will help regulate the body’s blood sugar levels dramatically. This herb could even be a cure for diabetes.
6. Tooth Decay
Massaging wheatgrass in powder form on your gums and teeth is the best way to treat and prevent tooth decay and even soothe those bleeding gums you may get from time to time.
7. Itching
Applying wheatgrass to areas that itch can almost immediately relieve the itch. This herb is also good for curing athlete’s foot, rashes, reliving poison ivy and burn pains, even helping relieve insect bites.
8. Blood Pressure
Working with chlorophyll this herb will help to regulate blood pressure dramatically.
9. Immunity Booster
Drinking this herb regularly will help enhance your strength and overall health.
10. Candidiasis
Candidiasis is a disease caused by bacteria. Consuming wheatgrass every day will help stop the growth of yeast and bacteria. Preventing this terrible disease and many more.
11. Sinus Congestion
Drinking the juice from wheatgrass or inhaling the steam has been known to remove toxins from the body and break up any and all of the mucus forming in the nasal cavity.
12. Eliminating Heavy Metals
Heavy metal toxins that can be found in the body can be removed by drinking wheatgrass juice.
13. Arthritis
Wheatgrass is also a great treatment for arthritis, using a clean washcloth you should soak it in a big bowl of wheatgrass juice then apply it to the affected joints.
14. Bad Breath and Body Odor
Being an amazing natural body detoxifier wheatgrass will help you get rid of bad breath and prevent body odor as well.
15. Varicose Veins
Drinking this herb will help prevent the appearance of varicose veins, just try to drink it regularly.
16. Inflammation and Pain
This herb can help the body become and remain fit and healthy. This is an excellent treatment for body soreness and many minor aches and pains.
17. Eyes
Wheatgrass has also been found to be beneficial to the health of our eyes as well; this can improve eyesight dramatically.
18. Cancer
Wheatgrass can help reduce the side effects of the radiation treatment that people often have to undergo to treat cancer. Wheatgrass has been found effective in reducing the burning sensation, constipation, and hair loss.
19. Digestion
Being rich in alkaline minerals this herb has been found useful in preventing diarrhea, constipation, and some stomach ulcers. This herb is easily digested and helps keep your colon clean.
20. Gray Prevention
Wheatgrass has been found to stop the premature showing of gray hairs as well so it will give you quite a few more years of gray-less hair.
21. Dandruff
Getting rid of dandruff is easy with wheatgrass, Simply rub the juice from the wheatgrass in your hair and massage it into your scalp, cover it with a shower cap for about 20 minutes and then rinse.
22. Sunburn
By rubbing wheatgrass juice on the sunburned areas of your skin, you will be able to heal more quickly and relieve the painful sensations you may be experiencing.
23. Skin Rejuvenation
Making a wheatgrass face wash will help keep your skin as healthy as possible.
Things needed:
a few pinches of turmeric
wheatgrass powder
Mixing these things together will give you a nice paste. Apply this paste to your face and you will notice the reduced acne and more vibrant skin quickly. Rinse with warm water after 30 minutes.
You can even add this mix to your bath maybe just use a few spoonfuls, your skin will absorb it, and it will leave you with soft, clean, beautiful-feeling skin.
So the next time you think “ew, wheatgrass” consider giving it a try, your body will thank you.

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